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Manage your sales team in one place.
Connect every one to one place and use
new method of cominications.

Official API Whatsapp

By connecting WhatsApp Business API to the system, you can reach millions of people.

Instagram DM

You can receive and engage with messages from all of your business or personal Instagram accounts through the system.

Whatsapp Lite

You can connect your already installed WhatsApp account on your phone to the system within seconds.

Facebook Messenger

Meto directly integrates with Facebook Messenger to elevate your business communication to the next level.

E - Mail

By connecting your company's emails to the system, you will be able to both communicate with customers and view/respond to professional emails with professionalism.


Through Telegram bot integration, you can respond to all messages sent by your customers and expand your company's communication network.

Facebook ADS Form

Link your Facebook ads to the system. Automatically import and distribute incoming data.

Call Center

Zadarma is an excellent phone system for all types of companies. It offers many services such as virtual numbers, free Cloud PBX, and website widgets, allowing you to improve your business communication.


You can automate repetitive tasks within the system, reducing your workload.

Video Call

Strengthen your communication with customers by conducting video calls.

Web Form

You can prepare your website's or any web-based form within the system, allowing automatic import and distribution of incoming data.

Data Mask

It provides 100% data privacy for all data within the system and coming from external sources.

Sales Reports

View your sales data within the system in high-performance reports.

CRM Message Report

The system presents all your messaging activities in report form, allowing you to view your data with specific details, either user-based or based on the communication platform.

Lead Reports

View all actions taken on leads within the system by your team and company in high-performance reports.

Call Report

Through the integration of your phone system with the CRM system, it provides data related to your calls.

Call PBX Report

Through the integration of your phone system with the CRM system, it provides data related to your calls.


You can prepare special offers for your customers within the system.

Offers Design Module

You can customize the offers you prepare for your customers to suit your company's needs.


It allows you to enter the services offered by your company as products.


You can manage all of your company's preliminary accounting transactions within the panel.

Coupon Code

You can define discount coupons for your proposals prepared within the system as you wish.


You won't forget anything anymore. You can set reminders as you wish.


You can receive your notifications instantly within the system.

Mobile Application

You can use the MetoCRM system in the form of a mobile application.

Lead Distribution Automation

It allows automatic and equitable distribution of all leads coming from your advertising sources within your team.

User Group

It assists in directing your data within the system to the desired individuals.

Mentions and Comments

Users can enter text information in transactions or comments made to your customers. If a manager sends a comment, it is notified to the relevant salesperson as a notification.

Batch Data Upload

You can upload your data in bulk into the system.


While communicating with your customers, you can create ready-made messages in either text or image format if desired.

File Upload

You can upload a file or document related to your customers to the relevant area on the customer card.

File Tag

It is a tool that helps you differentiate the files you upload within the system.


It is a tool that helps you manage the tracking stages in your customer process.

Customer Tracking

You can maintain healthy and strong communication by regularly tracking your customers.

Customer Category

By categorizing your communications with customers, you can get ahead faster.

Customer Card

It is the area that covers all information related to your customer.

Customer Tag

It is another tool that helps you differentiate your customers.